What Are the Sweetest Carrot Varieties?

just_me_6(WV 6 - West Virginia-Tri State)May 26, 2012

I tasted some carrot baby food recently that was absolutely delicious (don't ask why I was tasting baby food!). I am usually so/so on most vegetables and I could not understand how these carrots tasted so sweet. There was no added sugar or other ingredients; only carrots and water.

I guess Beech Nut and Gerber companies grow a special variety(s) to get such sweet carrots. I think if I grew some delicious carrots like these, I'd be more apt to eat them than the ones in the grocery produce section.

Can anyone suggest some carrot varieties that might taste like the sweet ones used in baby food? I have already read somewhere that soil conditions and cool weather may affect carrot taste. If you have any tips for soil and weather, please share :-) But I'm guessing specific carrot varieties are also a must.


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It is no secret, in increasing order of importance

1) good garden soil, which may have been fertilized or manured the year before, but not this year while carrots are growing

2) consistent watering throughout the season

3) pick them two weeks after hard frost, or leave in the ground through the winter and pick in February

#3 is what really sweetens them.

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Ive heard napoli, but ive never grown them myself. Also ive heard letting them reach full size (because they develop sugar as they mature) and leaving in the ground thru a frost.

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