Ideas for island in circular driveway

ishcor2000August 27, 2009

Hi all, looking for ideas and opinions on my island in my circular driveway. We just moved into this house this spring and haven't done too much with it this year as we've been pretty busy, but want to make it more exciting next Spring. We are fairly new at landscaping yet and this area is pretty 'big' to us, so we like to stick with beginner/intermediate landscaping ideas. lol

Some of my ideas were to incorporate a vegetable garden in the island since it's kinda big. Maybe start asparagus crop in there for example?

Another idea I had was to put some patio pavers going across the island or some sort of walkway across.

What do u guys think of those ideas or any other ideas?

Thank you

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I was so happy to see your post...I too have an island in the middle of my circle drive, directly in front of our house. I was ready to get working on the front walkway to the house but realized the center island has to be done first to see if it would block the view for guests to see where the walk to the front step is.
I was out there moving shrubs that I already have to see how I am going to design it. I have a large cement fountain that I am putting in mine and working around that. I want to use bigger boulders (like 2'w X 2'h) strategically placed around the perimeter and maybe a few on the interior. In previous years we have placed a spruce in there at christmas, DH ran wire underground so I could put xmas lights on it. It will now run the fountain.

I will be following your post closely and hopefully getting some help too.

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karinl(BC Z8)

There are some old threads on "driveway circles" that you may find helpful - you could do a search for the term in this forum. In the one I've linked below, look for Laag's post and click the link he provides. May not be the right style for your more rustic setting, but might expand the scope of ideas you consider.


Here is a link that might be useful: Driveway circle thread

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Thanks for the tip Karin. That circle that Laag has in his post looks really cool. I wonder how difficult it is to lay those stone paver type things down.
I'll try more searches on here for more ideas.

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I just put a circular drive in need ideas for plantains would like to keep it tropical with palms blooming flowers and shrubs, I live in gulf breeze floridia, in the panhandle

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Teri, you'll get more responses if you start a new thread. If possible, you should post a photo showing a street view of the house and yard.

I've never lived in Florida and can't advise about plants, but other members will.

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