proper plants for poolside garden

ssparayAugust 22, 2012

I have an above ground pool, and I want to plant some shade trees near it, to provide a bit of shade from the Oklahoma summer sun. Since the pools are 4 to 5 feet tall, I will need to plant a fairly tall tree to provide some shade, but I don't want one that is going to constantly be dropping leaves/seeds/bark into my pool. I know I'll need to get a sapling, seeing as I'm wanting to have this completed and have some shade by next summer. The pool I have is like the ones listed here. Does anybody have a suggestion as to what trees/shrubs I should plant? Remember, I'm in the middle of Oklahoma City.

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Are you trying to screen sunlight over the water itself, or over an adjacent deck area? While some trees are known to drop a lot of trash, all trees drop some trash some time. So placing one where foliage grows over water is asking for it. When I think of 'cleaner' trees, Japanese Maple comes to mind, but it's not exactly known for fast growing shade. It makes nice shade, but it takes a while. Though it's not an answer to the question you asked, shade from a manufactured source (shade sail, etc.) would probably be a better solution for shade near or over a pool. And it could happen much more quickly.

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Good ideas. I would like natural shade, but it's going to take awhile to grow a tree to the proper height. I love the look of Japanese Maples, so I might try that, and just keep it at a safe distance from the pool to minimize trash.

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