Landscape Design Help -cape cod style

teabear2August 8, 2012

Hi, we have a cape cod home in need of landscaping help. We have a sidewalk that goes left parallel to the house about 4/5 feet away from the house foundation. There are currently 3 small boxwoods on the side of the sidewalk facing the road. We have two ugly islands out front each with a small tree. I really like ornamental grasses and a beachy look. We are NJ. Could use some suggestions on what to toss out, what to save, where to add beach grass.

Thank you

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Using the Bing search engine type in the following question - "landscape plans for cape cod houses". Try other variations of the same question worded differently. This approach should be a helpful starting point.

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While the lighting in your picture is not bad, it's blurry so difficult for anyone not familiar with the property to discern what's actually going on. You also might submit a larger, sharper picture.

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