Thickening up treed area for more privacy

Ellusionz(9)August 18, 2012

I'm looking to add a bit more privacy to the front yard area of my house. I live in the city but managed to find a home off a dirt road so it kind of has a country feel to it. But right now on the right side of the house we have a bunch of trees on the property line, with higher grasses/weeds in between. I don't want to do a row of shrubs or anything, I want to keep the woodsy feel. My idea is to thicken it up some with plants and then I'd like to extend it to run along the front of the yard to block the roadway. I love the idea of driving down thru "woods" until you see the house that pops out of nowhere. (Photo shows roadway coming toward my house, far side of yard is the woodys border I need to thicken).

There is a power line along the front so I'm assuming the trees can't go higher than like 20 feet. I want to add a smaller weeping tree if possible, I've always wanted one. Also, I'd prefer plants that will attract birds & butterflies. I have a suriniam cherry tree I still need to plant if that might help somewhere, plus a michelia alba I'm still debating where I want to put in the front yard. And the other issue is the septic system is in the front closer to the house side. I don't know how far roots can travel, but don't want anything more than 30 feet maybe?

Thanks for all your help!

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Not able to see photo.

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Could have sworn it came up when I posted it. Ok here it is again and I uploaded it so if that doesn't work click the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of front yard

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It sounds like you're wanting to add trees in an "L"-shaped arrangement adjacent to road and property line. Is that correct? I prefer more organization and order, but if the purpose is mainly privacy and you like the mixed, natural woods look, it doesn't much matter the particular species as long as the ultimate size is right. Along the property line where there are existing trees, you'll need to give the new ones light so don't plant them right under existing tree canopies or trim those back some before planting the new trees, or they won't be happy. Weeping Callistemon or weeping yaupon holly might be a good choice for the weeping tree. Crape myrtles would also be some that you can fit within your height restriction. Where you can use taller trees, you might consider pink or yellow Tabebeuia or Bauhinia. Loquat, Vitex and Duranta might be considerations. Check suitability of these before buying any. You didn't mention your location.

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Orlando area, zone 9

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then any of those trees will work insofar as winter hardiness goes.

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Thanks so much for your response! While driving home from work I noticed in front of a shop the use of a split rail fence and always loved the country feel of them. I think I might try one of two ideas.
1) Plant two more trees evenly spaced along the road way, using two single split rail fences between the three. Then plant higher flowery bushes behind the fences and some shorter plants (flowers & ornamental grasses) in front.
2) Plant one more tree and between the two make one longer split rail fence doing the same thing with the plants.

Idea 1 would give me more privacy, but would it look funny having the fences that way?

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Or third idea would be to just run the a full fence in front of the three trees, bushes behind fence, flowers/grasses in front... Sorry it's my weekend and I have too much time on my hands to think ;)

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Submit a simple sketch of the fence planting scheme as it's too hard to figure out what you mean. SIMPLE.

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