Asperagus beetles

kpc2912(7)May 3, 2012

Does anyone know how to kill asperagus beetles without pesticides? I sprayed them with homemade insecticidal soap, 3 TBS dish soap to 1 gallon water. They laughed at me. Next I boiled 6 cloves garlic and 7 hot peppers in 1 QT water. It was potent stuff because I got a nose full of it. I sprayed the beeltes and asperagus directly. once again they laughed at me and are still living. I dont want to use any pesticide becaue i raise honeybees. What can I do? Does anyone have an effective recipe?

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Just throwing stuff out at random here, because I use chemical controls, but perhaps diatomaceous earth to suffocate/dehydrate the larvae?

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Are honeybees feeding on your asparagus?

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I'm with ltilton. I used Seven last year (first year with these beetles and they haven't shown up this year) and they were gone in a day. Asparagus is a long way from flowering before harvest time. I suppose one could arrange a plastic tent over the aspargus to prevent drifting while spraying. I used a kitchen spray bottle.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Asparagus beetles can usually just be hand picked off the ferns and squashed. They are easy to see and no chemicals needed. In bigger gus patches some of us use a vacuum to just suck them off.


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I/powders that harm bees, even wait till late afternoon, the bees will be home for the night.

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Thanks everyone for replying to my problem. I finally decided to spray them with a combination of lemon juice, vinegar, and dish soap. It took a full day, but it killed all the larva and most of the beetles. I cant use Sevin as some of you suggested. any small amount could get on a bee and they carry it back to the hive. Dont need that. Thanks all for your help.

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