Need ideas for odd pathway

aintnothinAugust 18, 2014

at the top of some stairs I have an upslope where I am removing old bricks and am trying to decide on a mixture of concrete, wood beam and ???

The photo you see is going uphill. All the brick you see will be removed, including the bricks on far right which make a border around a tree -- but I will replace the border with something.

Was thinking of concrete up to the round stepping stone (barely visible) and maybe a beam from left to right to keep the dirt from sliding down, but could use some good advice and/or ideas. I'd like it to be somewhat attractive as well as functional --

Thank you

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since you have grade change, you probably need one step in the walk. But the picture is too close to see what it should be. Back up and take a picture for context.

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Can you show pictures of the entire area ... One aimed up-slope and the other from the top of the slope. Enough so we can tell what the whole area looks like.

It's impossible to tell how steep the slope is and if there are problems you have not noticed.

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Without seeing the entire path, i am guessing you might find it satisfactory to have a series of wide steps or landings edged with wood or brick and filled in with large-chip mulch (pine bark or whatever is used locally). The mulch would have to be added to every few years, but would be safer than concrete or other hardscaping, I would think.

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