Turface to Grit Ratio for Large Jade Plant

jamiedolan(4/5)November 10, 2010


I've decided that my large Jade that is in turface mixed with 10% compost is too wet and that I have to change it. I was thinking of using just grit and Turface for better support.

I wasn't sure if / why the pine bark was necessary, but found this in a message from last year:

> The only two reasons I use bark in my soils are to lower

> pH and because it's much less expensive than Turface

> or granite by volume.

> I have some pines and junipers, a Santolina

> chamaecyparissus ..... growing in a mix of nothing

> but Turface and granite .... and several other

> succulents

So 2 questions:

What would be a good ratio of grit (assuming #2) to Turface for a large Jade?

Do I need to adjust the PH, and if so, what do I add to the mix?

Thank You


Photo of the pruned jade:

Photo of what I cut off:

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Sorry, I should have said why I think I need to re-pot:

1. After about a month without watering, digging down about 5" revels wet turface.

2. There is a gray mold that formed on quite a few leaves, I picked these off.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Jamie, great job on the pruning!

Your rationale for re-potting is sound.

Unfortunately, I can't advise on the ratio of Turface to Granite, but I'm sure Al will help.

This time, when you re-pot, hold off on watering. A Jade that large can go without water for months.


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deburn(6 - Boston MA)

Jamie, you have a great looking jade and that looks like a nice pruning job. Your cuttings, btw, are larger than my jade plant!! :-)

Josh, I finally got around to pruning my jade (not sure if it qualifies as a whack!) I'll post an update in the original thread


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Thanks Josh & Deburn. I'm letting these cuttings callus over than I'm going to put them in gritty mix to root them. Hopefully I'll end up with some additional nice looking jade plants.



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