is okra deer resistant?

ikea_gwMay 13, 2010

I am thinking about planting some okra in my front yard. I live in a wooded area so we do have deer. In your experience is okra pretty deer resistant? Thanks!

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No, they love it, as do bunnies and woodchucks.

So, either cover it or spray it with some type of repellant if that works for you.

The few times I've gotten okra to grow at all in the outdoor garden (it's really just TOO cold here for this crop in all but the warmest summers) it always gets stripped bare to the stems at least once, if not more.

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In my community garden many people plant this outside of their fence. We have a lot of deer around so I was hoping the deer actually don't eat them.

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Well, the thing about deer, and all animals, really, is they are unpredictable. You can plant a certain crop for years without any problems, and then suddenly they will start eating it. So, you never really know.

For example, ornamental Alliusm are said to be critter proof in that nothing eats them. Which has always been my experience until this spring, when my entire bed of EXPENSIVE Allium Globemaster bulbs (over 100 bulbs, and these things cost like $5 each) disappeared. I dug into the bed only to find it completely tunneled through with vole tunnels, and not a trace of the bulbs left. The did, however, leave some Nectosecordium bulbidiferum (another ornamental onion) that was interplanted with the Globemasters completely untouched.

So, if I were you, I would go ahead and plant the okra where you want to, and, if it appears to be a problem, cover it with some floating row cover or put a little wire fence around it.

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denninmi, I once lost a giant patch of astilbe and hosta to voles. But they didn't touch the daylilies in the middle of astilbe and hosta. Voles are the worst in my book since they are not very visible and it is hard to notice the damage until too late. I guess I will try the okra and use deer spray on it once a while until it fruits.

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Bunnies took all of my okra this spring. A cat just took one of my best basil the other night (at least that's what it looked like). I'm going to have to put another net on my front garden to get my summer stuff started.

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I can't grow okra unless it is fenced in. The deer will strip off the leaves and leave the stems. Heartbreaking!This year, I'm getting stamps from Fish and Game so I can personally get rid of some of the "herd" and let me tell you, there is a "herd" here. I have 13 of my 20 acres in woods (yes, we have woods in Kansas.) I've seen up to 40 deer lying in the field, in the night, in the 40-acre property next door to me. Talk about deer in the headlights. Yikes!

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