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markmahlumNovember 16, 2010

Has anyone had success growing sweet potatoes in containers? I planted one in a 5 gallon pot in my GH about 2 1/2 months ago. Will it yield tubers? (Are sweet potatoes tubers?) Any advice and when will I know to dig them out?



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If the 15-18 eating-size tubers I dug out of my mixed plantings before they went on the compost pile are any kind of indicator, I had a pretty good year. Actually, I had several pots with Ipomea in them that had so many potatoes they had pushed the soil up more than 2 inches above the rim of the pot. Unfortunately, after a little research, I found there are taste issues associated with the tubers from the decorative sweet potato vines, so they went back into the compost.


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A couple of years ago, I tried to salvage the tubers from the decorative sweet potato vines to use the following year... but they didn't do so well. It turned out to be cheaper and faster to just buy new vine starts.

I've never actually grown sweet potatoes, though... not the ones you eat.

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We had a grocery sweet potato that, because of neglect, sprouted, so we planted it in a not very large container. The leaves were pretty, though not as pretty as the type grown for ornament. The container wasn't large (maybe a gallon), but when I pulled the plant up at the end of October, there was one decent-sized tuber and maybe 4 or 5 "new potato"-style baby tubers. Haven't had them yet, but I don't think they'd be bad to eat. It makes me think that it would be pretty easy to cultivate them in containers, if that's your intention.

The blogger Life on the Balcony did an experiment with potatoes in Smart Pots, don't know how it turned out thought.

Here is a link that might be useful: Life on the Balcony

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