sweetcorn help

oldpotMay 10, 2012

i sowed (in smallpots) so cheap pks of sweetcorn (20 and 50 cents i payed)of stowell evergreen and golden cross bantam to try as got space left in veg plot and thought i try sweetcorn again only grow sweetcorn once before about 4 years back ,Ok i read that you cannot plant 2 variety of sweetcorn next to each other (that what i was going to do) ok can i or cannot plant these 2 variates in blocks next to each other if not which one should i keep .


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Best case: Stowells Evergreen has a longer maturity date than Golden Cross Bantam so pollination may not overlap.

Worse case: If cross pollination does occur you may get some bicolor ears. Will not be detrimental to eating quality.

Successfully transplanting with out disturbing the roots will be the bigger problem.

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ty farmerdill
i was not sure the maturity dates of both of them but for 60 cent i might use them both still

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