globe artichokes in raised beds?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)November 5, 2011

Was wondering if it was possible to do globe artichokes in raised beds? If so, what would the depth of the beds need to be?

Also I've found stuff about growing artichokes that says it's a perennial; is this referring to the vegetable, and if so what does it mean?

I found an annual variety of globe artichoke called imperial star. Would I be able to harvest it the first year it's planted?

Do artichokes require an overwintering period like some other vegetables?

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Growing them in raised beds is not a problem. They are perennial but not in zone 5. Planting in the spring as would be required in your zone, your chances of harvesting a crop before frost is not very good. In the US artichokes are grown along the California coast commercially, where there is little chance of a heavy frost. After harvest is over the plants are cut to the ground to regrow from the roots for next years harvest. Al

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