Paver Project 16' round with wall

dirt22August 9, 2011

I have has a wake-up call today with the price of labor to install pavers and an adjoining techno bloc retaining wall. I am a DIY'er and can appreciate labor and quality. I am simply tapped to venture in on this particular project.

I am looking for feedback on one of my quotes. It is a 14' circle (168 sq. ft) utilizing Techno Bloc Elena random patterned paver: $2,520.00 or $15.5 per sq. A 7 foot step w/ Portofino block on top - the soldier course... that spans 12 feet (1/4 of the cicle): $780.00. A 68 sq foot wall 21' high with mini plus 3" and 6" with verticals capped with the same Portofino bloc used for the step up: $3,060.

Whoa.... I was not expecting the cost to be this high. I was expecting somewher around 4k.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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For starters: there will be a premium in cost for job at the back of a house that requires material being dragged through the garage and up the stairs as opposed to a job at the side of the road. You don't mention this. Then just the one quote will not offer a balance.

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So what do those prices include? What kind of base prep - is that part of the price? Other materials like edging and sand/stone dust? I am assuming the price includes the blocks and installation.

As ink points out - are there site related issues?

Just off the cuff; given that the price includes base prep, all materials, blocks and installation - it doesn't seem extreme to me.

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Doesn't sound out of line. In fact, given that Techo is very proud of their stuff and prices it accordingly (it *is* a really nice product), that sq ft price for such a small patio is a smoking deal.

So I'm just curious (because I always wonder these things) - where did you come up with $4K as what you thought was reasonable?

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