cats in my raised bed

duane456May 4, 2012

I have a problem with stray cats getting into my raised beds. They scratched out some of my little lettuces and beets using it as their litter box. grrrr. :o(. How do I keep them out of there? Thanks in advance.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Here you go, lots of previous discussions here about how to control cats problems in the garden.


Here is a link that might be useful: cats in the garden discussions

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I've been wondering the same thing. One of the neighborhood cats did this and DH ended up putting this giant net over the whole thing using sticks as a frame. It looks stupid and I'm not sure how the veggies will do under it. I want it off!

I'd like a nice, easy way to keep them out, without hurting any animals or my wallet.

For the corn I just planted, I put a fence around it that the cat would have to jump over, and so far the cat has stayed out, but that doesn't keep the squirrels out. One of the corn mounds was disturbed, but not by a cat. I don't think we have moles or gophers. I also put some hay lightly scattered around the mounds, I'm not sure if that'll help or not.

I've read if you put in little sticks around your veggies, then the cats won't get into that area. The sticks would be pushed into the ground and pointing out in various directions. Anybody know if that works? Or if there is a better way?

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opal52(z7b GA)

The only thing we found that works consistently is fencing. Cats can easily climb rigid fences, like chain link. We have used flexible plastic garden fencing, 4 ft. high. Cats can't get a good solid hold on the plastic fencing and won't try to climb it. It comes in green or black and blends into the background somewhat so it doesn't look so bad. Also, it doesn't cost a lot. For the past couple years, we used deer protection netting, doubled over (since it is 7 ft. wide) and secured to posts like normal fencing. This was effective for keeping both cats and squirrels out of the garden. We found with regular plastic fencing, that the squirrels will climb the fence posts and go right into the garden. The netting sticks to their feet and is the only thing we have found effective for keeping squirrels out of the garden. I was concerned at first about birds getting caught in the netting. We watched carefully when we first put it up and found the birds have no trouble seeing it. It is also inexpensive.

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I have a raised bed and had the same problem with cats. I went to the local nursery and found a product called "Bad Cat". It came in an aerosol can and I sprayed it on the ground. Fortunately, my problem was noticed early in the season (before I did any planting). I sprayed the ground.....and to my surprise, I never had the problem with the cats again throughout the gardening season. I am not sure what it would be to use it on a growing garden. Perhaps you could spray it around the edges of your garden.

It worked for me.


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The stick approached has worked for me.
My cat was sleeping on the nice seedling beds, until I put up sticks.

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