carrots and compost

t-bob(west wa)May 17, 2012

hi all, well we have just started a new garden this year after moving last year. I know that carrots don't like "fresh" manure....but,

what about the bags of composted steer manure......will adding this to my bed before planting carrots lead to hairy carrots?

would it be better to go with just the plain old boring natural is pretty bleak looking stuff.

if we are just juicing, does it matter if they are hairy?

thanks for any info---bob

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I'd just stick with loosening the soil deeply for your row of carrots, and use a liquid organic fertilizer this growing season, and add manure and compost in the fall. Microbes need time to break down manure and compost and most amendments, and make the nutrients available for your vegetables.

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I vote for some bone meal and till deep. But it really depends on the texture of your soil.

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