advice needed for which plants to use

StevenKhaAugust 26, 2013

just need some advice on what would be some good choices of plants to use to place front of my house along the wall. I started to pull out some of the old ones , as u can see in pictures, but im not sure what should go there. a general idea, it would have to be evergreen, something that would stay green from ground to the top of the plant , not like old bushes. something that could be trimmed. Also, this side of house only sees late afternoon sun, so i guess no full sun plants. If this is in wrong forums, sorry. thanks

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another view

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bushes you cant see, behind maple along other wall

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

What part of the country? What zone?

It's difficult to provide relevant suggestions unless when know stuff like that.


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oh sorry, norhteast, zone 6B

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robo (z6a)

Yews and box woods can both be trimmed and are evergreen. Both tolerate part sun. Both may need some water from time to time, your existing yews look a little thirsty maybe? I could be wrong but doubt any evergreen is going to stay green to the ground tucked right in behind that lovely Japanese maple. And don't forget to trim them so that the top is slightly narrower than the bottom to promote light penetration and therefore fuller foliage below. In front you could put an evergreen Rhododendron but they don't like deep shade.

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i think it would look better if you simplify the overall scheme. You could eliminate the competitive, overlapping vertical shapes and arrange the layout to something bolder, but simpler. Can't tell what it is, but the shrub (if it is) at the right front looks like it might make, a nice, low-maintenance backdrop. If it is not suited, then look for something else that can be 3' x 3'.

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rosiew(8 GA)

I'd suggest removing the plants behind the maple and the conifer near the stoop. The maple is lovely now and will be very distinctive there in a short time. Find a low growing groundcover for the areas where you take out the shrubs.


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