Design Help for slope/berm please

Windhaven(5- Midstate IL)August 3, 2013

I posted this first in the conifer forum and this will give the background.

With the help of the advice given in that posting, I believe that I need to work on defining and enlarging the area and raising the front of the bed with landscape rock or boulders. I've seen some great ideas and advice on this site and would love a little input here. Thanks in advance!

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I suggest you provide another picture that is taken from squared up with the house face and back a distance so that the sides of the yard show. (Or pan the camera from that point showing left, center and right shots.) This presumes that you are concerned about the overall presentation the front yard makes and not just one spot in it that ignores all things around it.

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Windhaven(5- Midstate IL)

Thank you for your input. I took a few pictures today but not very good I'm afraid. The house sits on a corner, on a very large, double lot. Ironically enough, most of the yard is planted, lots of trees and color but not much right in the front where this dilemma resides. I'm leaning towards thinking that I need to enlarge the planting area into somewhat of a large boomerang a to use large rocks to bring up the south edge of this planting bed. The house faces south so the whole bed will be south exposure. Today I ran into a neighbor taking down their large pond and I'm going to get enough rock for this project. I've used similar rock in my gardens (limestone I think, as shown in the last photo.)
Any ideas?

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