Need a fast growing evergreen

gmp3August 27, 2011

We purchased a new home and would like to screen the neighbor's yards quickly. We would like an evergreen that grows quickly but is somewhat narrow. Our realtor suggested Spearmint junipers or Thuja trees. Any experience with these or suggestions for other species?


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Conifer,ivy work too.

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Elsewhere on GardenWeb, there are two forums, "conifers" and "trees" which will get you feedback from more knowledgeable people :)

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Here's what comes up as an image of 'Spearmint' Juniper:

(Both of your mentioned suggestions are basically the the same thing.) Keep in mind that as they get taller, they get wider. In my opinion you had better be a rich person on a large estate to use them in line as a tall evergreen screen. Figure that they're going to require 8' width of space, min., as they age. (In the photograph I'm using, I'm sure it won't be too much longer before the people who live next to these--on both sides--will be regretting it.) A "skinnier" juniper is 'Skyrocket'. But you'll have to put in a lot of them to make a screen. All of these require full sun and would not perform well in any shade.

If I were you, I would post a good picture or two showing the situation, give some particulars ... where it is, budget concerns, light, etc. and see what solutions people offer.

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Thanks everyone!

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