HAVE: Garlic Bulbils, etc. Want Upland Rice, etc.

soilent_greenJanuary 30, 2014

I have hundreds of German Extra Hardy garlic bulbils that have been in cold storage since fall planting and are still in very good condition. Would much prefer to trade them than throw away. Also have snap and dry bush beans, lots of other vegetable seeds, Jack in the Pulpit seeds, and tobacco varieties.

I am looking only for the following:
Any upland rice varieties.
Named tobacco varieties.
Anise (Pimpinella anisum).
Sausage tomato varieties.
Oxheart tomato varieties.
Hot and super hot pepper varieties.
Smaller sized non-bell sweet pepper varieties (Shishito, Melrose, etc.).
Minnesota 13 yellow dent corn, 200 seeds minimum*.
Glass Gem ornamental/flint corn, 200 seeds minimum*.
Any of the Strubbes dent corn varieties, 200 seeds minimum*.

* I am a seed saver. It is my understanding that a plot of 200 corn plants minimum are needed to avoid inbreeding depression.


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I am not sure if I have anything on my list you might like. If you could take a peek and see if we could make a trade happen. I lost most of my garlic this year and would love to replace it.

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blondie09(5, 5b SW MI)

I am a new gardener this year! 23 years young and I haven't any seeds to trade. I AM NOT BEGGING for free things, just curious if you would agree to giving me a few garlic bulbs if I mailed you an addressed and postage envelope? I see it labeled as SASE on this seed exchange. Please contact me at freekin_pony@yahoo.com if you are interested, Thank you for your time!
- Ash

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Please take a look at my recent post and my list. Hope we might make an heirloom trade.

Here is a link that might be useful: recent post & link to lists

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I have some things on my list you might like. Let me know, I would love some garlic

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Thanks to all for your interest, I will be contacting everyone shortly.

blondie09 - Be sure to understand that I am offering garlic bulbils not cloved bulbs. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: What are garlic bulbils?

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I think I have contacted everyone at this point. If you have not received an email from me then please let me know. :-)


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I regret terribly that I do not seem to have anything that you desire, since I would like to aquire some of the garlic you have. My much-loved step-dad of many years was a Minnesota German , and would truly love to plant some in his honor. The only things that I can think of is that I have many live oak sprouts that are about 10 to 12" tall to offer you. I also have Russian olive starts that are the same size. Please at least consider this request and offers.

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LtlWilli - In your email to me you were requesting cloved bulbs. Once I clarified to you that I was offering bulbils which are the small "seed" clones produced on the scapes (flower stalks), you were no longer interested and withdrew your request. This is completely understandable to me because many garlic growers will not take the time to grow out bulbils because it takes several years to produce market-size cloved bulbs. I took no offense, I simply concluded that you are in that group based on our communications.

Unfortunately at this point all of the garlic bulbils are now claimed. I am working on several SASE offers and if any of those fall through then I will offer the bulbils to you for SASE.

The confusion surrounding this bulbil issue brings up a point I would like to make to anyone reading this and is new to growing garlic: Invest some time to do some research on the plant, how to grow it, how to identify disease issues, etc. Learn how and when to properly plant, harvest, cure and store it. If you do not know this stuff you will make mistakes which will likely lead to mediocre garlic or even complete failure. There are some great books out there but everything you would ever want to know about garlic is also available for free on the web. Anyone can grow garlic. You need to know what you are doing to grow great garlic.


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Thank you so much for your kindly correction, Tom..I should
make it a point to know more about what I speak of before opening my big trap...LOL

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