Pine Bedding vs Pine Bark Fines

K-Tex(Zone 8)November 29, 2013

To all,
I have been reading the postings about growing medium
construction and as of today made my first attempt at the gritty
mix.This though is not the reason for my question. I have purchased some pine bark fines from Lowes (not overly impressed) lots of large chunks in it also found rocks? but I was doing some online research looking for a potential better source and stumbled onto some kiln dried pine bedding.Would this be a suitable alternative to the fines?

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shazaam(NC 7B)

That product is likely sapwood, so it wouldn't be comparable to bark fines (bark is more stable and will resist decomposition much longer). I won't say that you can't use sapwood for container gardening (see this study, for example), but I wouldn't substitute sapwood for pine bark in the gritty mix.

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