winter protection - small rose bushes in cement containers

jsd47November 12, 2012

Any suggestions on how to protect small rose bushes for winter in zone 5. I am not familiar with why the chart said 5a and 5b but I would say I am in 5b. The bushes are in cement containers on the front porch. I thought of covering the bushes with something like burlap but the roots, being above ground...would they need protecting? Would moving them up next to the house help instead? I would hate to do that every year as they get bigger.

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I think the general rule of thumb for overwintering is things that are hardy to two zones colder are hardy in containers in your zone. I think generally people with roses in containers here either move them into their garage, bury their pots in soil, insulate the containers by wrapping them with straw or move them closer to the foundation at least. Some people around here have a shelf down in their well for overwintering less hardy plants. In my old age, I have started to consider mature size when I purchase a container plant. I have a cactus in a 16 in. pot that is getting beyond my ability to move it each year.

5a and 5b are just a way to divide up the hardiness zones and make it a little more accurate. I'm not sure it helps, since plants aren't marked that way, but it is good to know if you are in the habit of trying to cheat on your zone. 5b is a little warmer than 5a. I think this might vary in different places in my yard actually, so it's good to know your property's properties as well.

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Thank you. You clarified the 5a and 5b. I did not know which direction they were going with the a and b...up or down the map. So, I am in 5b and have quite a variation in winters due to the jet stream coming low or not. We are putting a fence from our flower bed around the rose containers so we can fill the area around the containers with leaves. I have leaves to spare. Anyone want a few? LOL Thanks again.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

I have two rose bushes on the ground it survives every winter. One is medium size flower and the other is very small size flower. This year I cut it off all the branches and keep without any winter protection. I hope rose bushes can survive the winter.

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