Weird Star Jasmine Bloom

jbw1984November 17, 2013

Hello everyone,

I have a potted star jasmine plant that is on my south-facing balcony. I repotted it in May while it was in bloom and after losing the flowers in June, it grew all the way up a 6-foot trellis in the month of August. (Yes, in 4 weeks.)

I water the plant whenever the soil gets dry, which ends up being at least a third of a gallon every couple of days now that the temperatures are a little cooler. It is in a pretty deep 14" container.

Anyway, one of the branches (a new growth) made flowers this week. None of the others did.

Am I doing something wrong, or right? I did not expect to get a weird late autumn bloom; I though this plant blooms in the spring?

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