Asparagus question

ryseryse_2004May 18, 2014

This year, a bunch of my asparagus came up as skinny little things. This is an established bed and this is the first time I have seen so many little ones. Maybe they are new seedlings but I don't have very many large-sized ones this year.

I just let all the small ones grow up to leaf out and wonder if that was a mistake? Should I just cut them all back? There are only two of us here so we are getting enough large stalks but I won't have any to freeze.

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I leave the small ones, not large enough to harvest. If they do not produce any more stalks, you need something to photosynthesize and build up the sugars it needs to produce an ample harvest next year.

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I think your plants are trying to tell you something. I'd leave more spears to grow, or it will only be worse next year.

My own bed has expressed its unhappiness, and I've stopped cutting entirely.

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