Paver Patio - gravel dilemma

wilbret(z8 GA)August 17, 2005

I ordered the gravel for our patio a couple weeks ago, and they sent me crush & run. I called and asked if this would be ok, and they said, "yes, it will compact nicely."

Key fact here - I got this a couple weeks ago, and in south Georgia, we have had rain almost every day since June. I finally got a dry day and moved this (5+ yards) to our patio area. It is wet, and feels like it may not compact. I'm a little worried now.

Have any of you ever used crush and run as a patio base with success? Or am i going to need to get a couple more yards of crushed stone to put on top of this?

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treebeard(z5 MA)

What you're referring to sounds like 'crusher run'. It's a crushed stone product that contains fine to medium aggregate, all of which is angular simply due to the crushing operation that produces it. It has been, and will likely forever be, a very stable material for using as a base upon which to install pavers. It can, and should be, compacted using a vibratory plate compacter. When placed in a lift of appropriate depth and compacted well, it can look and feel like concrete. Unlike concrete, it is a free draining material, which means that water will flow through it, reducing the likelyhood of heaving due to the freeze thaw winter cycle. It is common to use it as a base course for a wide variety of pavement surface materials. It will perform best if placed, screeded, compacted to a minimum 4-5 inch depth. Prior to placing the crusher run material, the bottom of your excavation should be compacted with the plate compacter to insure that the existing material is stable.

It is not a good material to use in the joints between stone of concrete pavers. Stone dust or sand will serve that function better.

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wilbret(z8 GA)

That makes me feel better... I did see this material used in some photos on another site, too.

I guess the problem is that we literally have not had more than a full day w/o rain in a couple months. I have not rented a tamper yet, because I'd like to do it all in one day.


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hrm_PA(PA z6)

Crusher Run is similar to the base they put down under asphalt roads. It compacts very tightly and as said does become very much like concrete. Wet or damp will likely compact tighter than dry. Plus it's less dusty to work with.

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thanks for the replies,
I have never heard of this product before.

learn sum'thang new every day.

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I have 6 inchs of crusher run tamped but need to adjust an inch higher or lower in areas. Its hard to do this with CR7 because some of the stones are so big. Is it ok to use a finer grade of CR or to use stone dust for this leveling. I know the 1 inch of sand goes on top of all that, but I've read not to try to level with the sand.

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Is crusher run the same thing as "lint pack"? I surely have "lint pack" spelled all wrong--the mason has a foreign accent and this is what I hear when he says it. He can't spell worth a darn in English so couldn't tell me if I heard him right. It sounds right. Is it the same thing?

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I find crusher run to be difficult for the setting bed. mediums in the final screeding are a pain. You may want to get your stone dust for the joints before you start to work so you can have it on hand for leveling and setting. Otherwise it's a fine strong foundation, I just want to "work" in a consistant sized product.

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