What to do with winter jasmine?

reyesuela(z7a)August 16, 2010

So a couple of years ago, I picked up some winter jasmine for $1 each in 1 gall pots. And arching shrub 3x3', it said. I loved the texture and decided to give it a try. It's not an arching shrub 3x3'. It's an airy mat maybe 18" high. And is spreads like crazy.

I still love the texture, and the winter flowers are great. But I just don't know what kind of setting to put this plant in. I'm even thinking of keeping some in a pot and rotating it to the front door at winter time to enjoy the blooms and the "spill." But other than that, I'm rather baffled as to how to use it.

Will it out-compete taller perennials and ephemerals? I like the idea of planting it beside my forsythia and letting other things grow through it most of the year. (Right now, it's got its own place. Though spreading, it has yet to out compete anything.) I just don't know what to do with it, but I like its look year round.

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you post the pics here,give you exactly ideas

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Winter jasmine tolerates pruning very easily (prune early spring after flowering). I have seen some very cool looking, neat and tidy hedges made out of jasminum nudiflorum.
Also, an annual hard pruning after flowering will help the plant produce more branches and thicken up a bit, reducing the "airy" look you are referring too.
I would recommend keeping it somewhere where it has room to spread out a bit, otherwise you'll be shearing it continuously to keep it within bounds. Very cool plant though, hope this helps!

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You may have the nanum, or dwarf form.

Expect more of the behavior you have already seen, If it is behaving like a brat now ...

I've seen this tall, ~5' against a wall.
It can take very cold temps [-20] when it's established.
It can get to look ratty, without some pruning.

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Well, there's no doubt it's winter jasmine--and also no doubt it's not EVER going to reach 3', much less 5'. 1.5' is being incredibly optimistic--that's if you heap up the branches in one place. Looks like it must be a dwarf version that was mislabeled, as guessed above!

I'm going to plant it at the edge of a brick wall and let it cascade over. I don't think it'll get anywhere near as thick as "regular" jasmine (yes, I know they're not related, but the growth habit is actually very similar), and I may end up planting it up and down the driveway next to the forsythia if that ends up being true and let the daffodils, astilbes, etc., grow through it. We'll see in the next two years if it ever gets more mat-like.

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