Fabric growing pots (Smart)

dancinglemons(7B VA)December 8, 2011

Hello all,

I have read several posts on this forum about the fabric pots that many vendors sell. I have wanted to use several of them for vegetable gardening but at the prices charged by these vendors - nada! Looking for some greenhouse supplies yesterday and found a great price for these pots and they come in many sizes and in packs of 10 for great price. For example a 10 pack of 10 gallon is only $24 plus shipping. These pots also have handles. If anyone is interested here is a link.



Here is a link that might be useful: Fabric pots (Smart)

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I saw the same listing (Greenhousemegastore). My impression is this is either a different type product (e.g. less durable) or a game changer in terms of cost/value. Given the typical pricing for "smart" pots that I've tried, I don't see any benefit over traditional clay pots. The clay pots are more durable, they store better (used fabric pots are difficult to manage, whereas clay stacks nicely) and they grow better plants - at least in my side-by-side trials.

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This is why everyone needs to try things to find out what works best for them in there area. I planted all my vegetables in fabric pots this year and they did great, better than the clay pots. Now I did try different ones and I liked the thicker ones with handles best, because I actually moved a few of mine toward the end of the season to keep getting the best exposure. I've emptied out my fabric pots, folded them up in a nice pile for next season, I may or may not wash them before I use them next. The soil I piled up to sift out to be reused or I may spread around my avocado's. All my other permanent container plants are in clay or concrete and doing fine, but for me, I'm going again with the fabric for the veggies next season.


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Just curious, what is the difference in the material of the smartpots or geoplanters from crafting felt made of recycled plastics? The crafting felt is super easy to sew and only cost about $3-$4 a yard.

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I can't vouch for the quality because I haven't tried them, but the cost at Greenhousemegastore (link above) was just over $1 each for the 5 or 7 gal size. At that price, it hardly seems worth the effort to take out the sewing machine. Of course, I don't have a sewing machine, so that could be part of my reluctance :)

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I have made a few, saved in shipping :D. I plan to try them out in the spring. I guess I will find out if they stand up to the test. I am wanting to try the raised beds idea with long rectangular ones like the geoplanters.

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Pretty cool posts about Smart Fabrics. It was now in demand. Smart fabrics, also known as e-textiles, are fabrics woven with digital components. When the fiber is charged with alternating current, it creates a pad that is sensitive to touches and swipes. By touching a certain section of the seat for example, or perhaps by sliding a finger across a line on the upholstery, a driver could conceivably control the music volume, the heat or the air conditioning.

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