Is this Coleus dead?

danesnpits(2a)December 1, 2013

I have my coleus growing in containers inside under lights right now. This one in particular lost all it's leaves, and well..I think it is dead. I am not sure though. Should I replant it? Is it dormant? Not sure why all the others are thriving. This one's branches are hard, and there is one small little branch that has just a tiny bit of green. All my other coleus are beautiful, leaves showing in white and pink and green stemmed. I just don't know what to do. I hope it's not lost!

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It looks dead to me, you could try potting it and cutting the stem way back & see if you get new growth, you've got nothing to loose at this point, Sweet fur baby :>)

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

The short answer is that if it's not dead now, it will be soon. If you want to give it one last shot, you might put it in a vase of water to see if any roots or shoots grow. If they do, move it to a container quickly.

I've gotta say your photo is amazing. I didn't realize until I saw it at an angle that your tattoo must be a picture of your dog. Beautiful.

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danesnpits, scratch the 'bark' gently and if you see green underneath, that part of the stem is alive and capable of new growth - roots and shoots; you should be able to develop an new plant by rooting that part.
Very often, when the scratched tissue is brown of black, you can scratch the bark lower and lower down the stem and you will see green. Cut off the upper dead portion and root the lower, live part.

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Thanks Christine, Ohiofem and Ronalawn92, for all the info!! I have now scratched the bark, and well, I think you all are all right. This piece is toast! UGH...but it's ok. I am attaching a pic of the coleus I do have left and I took some tips off and planted them to see if they will take root to fill up the pot better. I hope it works. Thanks guys for the remarks about my baby. That's my harlequin great dane Poison. He is 8 and on his last legs. I picked up 2 new harlequin great danes in sept named Vengeance and Voltage. I lost 3 of my beloved dogs this year, 2 great danes to bloat and my pit bull to congestive heart failure. So it's been a tough year. My new pit was born on grey cup day (Canadian Football league). And I hope to get him in January of 2014. That tattoo is actually a full sleeve. I have 5 of my dogs on there, 4 danes and my pit. The one you can see, is Poison's daddy Kane who passed away in 2007. I can't have kids, liver cirrhosis at age 25. So I mother my plants and dogs hahaha. They are my absolute everything.

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So sorry for your loss on your beloved fur babies, I know how heart breaking it is to loose them. Congrats on the soon to be new addition, stop over in the pets section we are a great bunch of animal & plant lovers. Beautiful tat... Your coleus looks good.

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