driveway drainage

Petes65(8b-9a)August 30, 2012

Hello all - hope you can help. We have an older house here in northern florida, with all the rain we have an irritating drainage issue where water gathers on the driveway - which slopeS into the hill (a slight rise rather than a hill). The upshot is that the water pools and then runs into the garage.

I can see two good options - hope you can help me decide.

1st I can cut in a channel drain. Relatively easy - cost around $500

or 2nd I can cut a wider section out of the concrete (~3') and make a sloping swale (if that's the correct word), so the water drains to the lower side - cost ~$200

I can't see why I should use the channel/trench drain if the 'v' shape will work. It's only a grove about 2.5" deep at the lowest end so it's not a 'ditch' that would be a problem for cars or a tripping hazard.

Am I missing something here? I can't see the need to spend an additional $300 if a simple channel formed with a 2x6 (then smoothed) should do he trick.

Any thoughts?


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Your proposal hinges on the word, "IF." Presuming it's as you think, it will work. If you want another opinion, show the issue in pictures, including not only where the trapped water is, but where it will drain and the path it will take.

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It's hard to tell without seeing the driveway. A relative of mine had the same issue with water going into the garage. He put in a channel drain along the front of the garage door that drains to a drywell and hasn't had any issues since. Another relative has a drain in the middle of the driveway and still has water issues.

Depending on the slop of the swale you might have issues with bumpers or trim scraping the driveway.

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