Need to create a low maintenance tropical privacy barrier

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Hello! Im working on a pool project in my home. I need to create a barrier for privacy in front of a 4' cement fence that separates my yard from the main street. I thought about planting a row of traveler palms every 10' or so in order to create a tall barrier but I would still need to plant shrubs and other plants in between and in front of the traveler palms. I am located in South Florida. I would also like to keep it low maintenance. The site gets direct sun all day long. Any tips are much appreciated! We are going for a tropical look.

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Are you just looking for plant suggestions then? In that case, the best people to ask may be at your local reputable nursery.
Or peek over your neighbours' fence and see what is working well in their yards. Horticulturally speaking, of course...

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

A common hedge plant for this use is Dypsis lutescens, common name golden cane palm, or areca palm. They won't produce a lot of litter, grow at a moderate pace, and can form a dense screen. These palms top out around 20 ft in height. These originate from Madagascar, same as the traveler palm. These are easy to find and should be cheap.

For more color, but more difficult to find and probably pricier, the clumping form of Areca vestiaria, with its bright orange-red trunks would be quite showy. In the photo below, the center palm is the solitary version, flanked by two smaller clumpers. This is the maroon leaf variety; the typical variety has green leaves.

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