Tomato Plant Black spot!

silent88May 5, 2012

Hi everyone,

I've grown tomatoes in the past without any knowledge at all, some were even dug into clay mixed with compost and did pretty well. But this year I had a raised bed built when we got our landscaping in and I can't get anything to grow!!! I don't know if the soil is bad or what! I put fertilizer in, but it's really frustrating. My beans are not growing fast and look sickly - HOW CAN YOU KILL BEANS? Only one zucchini plant and my peas are doing mildly well. But besides that problem, my tomatoes I keep buying seem to develop black spot after a couple of days! I'm getting tired of dealing with this disease. I already had to return one and exchange it... not that plant has it. I've NEVER had tomato diseases ever before even when I was just winging it. I don't really want to keep pulling them up and exchanging them at the nursery... I was considering trying a copper spray for the fungus... I don't want to put anything toxic into my garden so I wanted to know people's opinions on this. (I may be asking questions later on why everything I touch DIES.)

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You're lucky if you've never had a tomato disease. Some suggestions I would offer are to mulch underneath your tomatoes so the soil cannot splash up and introduce diseases onto the foliage. Also, remove the lower leaves that hang close to the ground. Again, so soil can't splash up onto them. Give them room to grow. Good air circulation will help with disease prevention as well. Finally, water the soil, not the plants. Try to keep the leaves dry.

Good luck!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Tomatoes/Garden

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

What did the landscapers use to fill the raised beds? What have you added to the bed (including mulch)?

It would help to know roughly where you're located and what your USDA zone is, if you know that. If not, you can enter your zip code here (at the left) or click on your state:
USDA plant hardiness zones

"Black spot" could be ... well, almost anything. It would be helpful to see photos. If that's not possible, have a look at these diagnostic sources and tell us what your disease looks like:
Cornell's tomato diagnostic
Texas A&M's tomato problem solver/

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Thank you! I've been doing that, though. But the last week we got a lot of fog and some rain. One day we got rain overnight and on some of my plants I didn't notice it dried up even at 1 PM in the afternoon. :/

And I may have gotten diseases but nothing bad that I noticed it. Even when I grew some in partial shade...

Any suggestions on what to do with the current plants?

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zzackey(8b GA)

I found that the diseases came with the plants I used buy. Now I grow everything from seed. I would suggest that you take a soil sample and find out from your local ag agent what is wrong with your soil.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

As mentioned above "black spot" isn't a disease associated with tomatoes. There are several common tomato diseases and they have different treatments depending on whether they are fungal or bacterial.

So before we can advise on a treatment route we need to first discover what disease your plant actually has if any.

Missingtheobvious gave you the 2 best links for tomato disease identification and if you can post pics it would really help too.

Meanwhile you can read about the common tomato diseases and the recommended treatments if you wish over on the Growing Tomatoes forum here (linked on this forum's front page). They will want to know your gardening zone and location as specific diseases are associated with various regions so that will help narrow it down.


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