Broccoli transplants with yellow/purple leaves??

fruitmaven_wiz5(5)May 5, 2012

This is my first time gardening at our house, and I built some raised beds out of concrete blocks. They're filled with clay loam, peat moss, and bagged composted manure. I planted broccoli and Brussels sprouts transplants about 2.5 weeks ago and covered them with floating row cover (to keep rabbits off). Their oldest leaves have started turning purple-green and then yellow, but the new leaves look nice and green still. We've had a few frosts, but I don't think that would hurt them. It's been very rainy the past few weeks, too. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Is the compost burning the plants? Everything else I planted seems fine (lettuce, beets, onions from seed.) Please help!

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Check soil temperature about 6 inches deep. If it is less than 100 degrees, then the compost is not decomposing fast enough to be a problem. The best best is that you have low nitrogen.


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