Blueberry cultivar for 15 gallon pot

TithisDecember 9, 2011

I'm looking to get a blueberry variety to plant in a 15 gallon pot this spring. Would this be best suited for a high, half-high or lowbush plant? The less winterizing we have to do for it the better, so I'm looking for something quite cold hardy as well.

Any recommendations?

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Hi Tithis,
I'll list some that will probably work.It is recommended to get at least two plants with them being a different variety for best results for cross pollination.
Bluecrop:zone 4-7,mature size 4-6 feet,fruits mid season
Bluegold:zone 4-7,mature size 3-4 feet,fruits late
Duke:zone 4-7 mature size 4-6 feet,fruits early
Elliot:zone 4-7,mature size 4-6 feet,fruits late
Northblue:zone 3-7,mature size,2-3 feet,fruits mid season
Northcountry:zone 3-7,mature size 18 inches,fruits mid
Northland:zone 3-7,mature size 3-4 feet,fruits early
Northsky:zone 3-7,mature size 18 inches,fruits mid
Patriot:zone 3-7,mature size 3-4 feet,fruits early
Reka:zone 4-7,mature size 4-6 feet,fruits early

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