Landscape design software???

2princessesSeptember 30, 2012

Hi! I just joined a community landscape committee. I'm looking for some landscape software that could help me do some landscape design work so I can see what the plants would look like before we go ahead and order and plant them. Any suggestions on what type of software I should use or how I should go about doing this? I'm new to gardening in general. I really prefer to see how something may look ahead of time. Thanks! All suggestions are appreciated.

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Except for the very high-end professional software ($1,800 to $3,500) most of what I've seen leaves a lot to be desired. Not only does one have to accomplish the learning curve (which can be frustrating) but the pictorial results that display don't look all that realistic. Everything looks like it's made out of candy and plants aren't shaped how a person would want or have them. Nevertheless, if one is willing to put in the time, they can produce a general idea of the results, which is helpful. Also, some can allow you to view spaces from virtually any angle which can help with working out layout. You might take a look at Home Designer Landscape & Deck and see if it could work for you. You could check Amazon for what's available in the non-pro category and then view demo videos of each on Youtube.

You haven't said what type of landscape situations you'll be dealing with, but you could always get advice from this forum. If you seek it in the future, start by submitting well-framed and well-lit photographs.

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Wow! Thanks for all the help and advice! :-)

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