when to tear up spinach?

Mindyw3(5)May 5, 2012

Forecast highs 80s ish, lows 60ish. Its 90 today bit I see no signs of bolting. The spinach is where my Toms will go which are getting a little leggy in their containers. Opinions?

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I take mine out when the leaves change shape to look like arrowheads.

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I cut my spinach to the ground when it no longer tastes good.

One tomato plant every three feet -- that's a lot of room for spinach in between. I'd just add the tomato plants to the spinach bed -- spinach will get shade from the heat of the sun and the tomatoes will have a spinach mulch :)

When the spinach is no longer good, just cut it rather than pulling it up. The roots are good to leave in because the root zone is where a lot of the beneficial microbes hang out.

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