soil eroding along driveway

leaveswave(.)September 2, 2010

It's long. There're sloping bits. I need something to keep the dirt in place until plants establish. (I'd be transplanting plugs from various groundcovers I have in other places in the garden.

Someone suggested the mats. I'm concerned with driveway along one edge, I'd have to put stakes in it every 3 inches to have even a *chance* of it being able to keep the soil in place.

Would those erosion logs/tubes work better or worse, do you think? And if better, how/where would I find some locally (twin cities, mn)?

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We had this problem at our old place. We got some bread crates (the big plastic shallow version of milk crates), lined them with newspaper, filled them with soil and grew groundcovers in them until they were WELL established. then transplanted the entire sod piece into the hole left by the erosion. Because the top layer was by then held together with roots, it worked pretty well. Hope that helps.

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The tubes are called fiber wattles or coir wattles or rolls. They are available online and I'm sure they have local distributors in your area.

Rolanka is the most heavily advertised.

Remember that erosion is a combination of speed and volume of water. Anything that you can do to reduce either or both of these helps. Do what you can to avoid adding water to the driveway.

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