Transplant into Gritty Mix Now?

rubyjchangDecember 3, 2011


I recently purchased a Michelia Alba. I know it is probably not the wisest time to purchase a plant in the winter to transplant, but the plant was on sale and I just love this plant (it tends to go out of stock so easily)!

So my question is, can I transplant this plant immediately into Gritty Mix upon arrival? Or should I let it sit in its peat-based soil until Spring?

I know that transplanting into Gritty will be stressful right after shipping+ bare root transplant. But is that worthwhile to do it then (so we don't have to go through shipping stress and gritty mix transplant at two different times)

Thank you for any input!


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If it were me and depending on the mix it came in, I would wait until the spring to do the repot.

If you think the mix will not inhibit growth in any way and will not contribute to root rot, since these trees do not like mixes that hold water too long, then wait.

I never have issues tranpslanting at any time of the year in the gritty mix, but then my plants get lots of light and I am very careful with the repotting process.

I too LOVE this plant and I have one that is thriving in the gritty mix! I can't wait for its first flowers. I hope yours does too:-)


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Hi Mike,

I would really like to transplant the plant now into Gritty Mix. The tree is from the place we dare not speak its I am worried about the soil condition (especially since it comes with lots of the soil removed).

Can you give me some tips as to transplanting into Gritty in the winter? I know I must:

1) keep root moist during transplant
2) do not fertilize until new growth shows (in 3-4weeks)
3) occasional misting to help it cope with root shock
4) maybe superthrive.
5) bright but no direct hot sunlight (not that that is possible in the winter); keep in shade for a couple of weeks

Do you think the plant near a southern window should be good? Room temperature is 68F. Do you use artificial light to keep plants bright in the winter?

Thank you so much for your help!

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