Raised Garden, Help with next step..

mommy2nkMay 7, 2012

We just built two garden boxes measureing 4ft by 8ft and they are 12" height with a 2" cap. They will be placed where there was an existing raised bed (pevious home owners used treated wood). Other then a small section that I dug into this was sectioned off as a raised garden and I am not concerned about weeds coming up underneath.

I am ready to place the boxes in there homes but I don't know what if anything is need before filling. I have seen people put down cardboard or newspaper then fill up. I will be using as much as the existing dirt as I can however it certainly needs to be amended and made more rich. How much of the existing dirt should I put in and how much amendments should be placed in? What amendments would you suggest putting into the soil? I appreciate any feed back you have, thank you!

Here are pictures of the existing area and one of the boxes:

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Very nice. I would put hardware cloth below your soil to keep gophers, etc. from tunneling in. As far as soil mix use the search feature and you should find a wealth of info.

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lovely. If you do not want them to gray be sure and stain them soon.

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Those are nice beds! I agree, put hardware cloth down if there is any concern for gophers or voles in your area. It's a tightly metal mesh that goes down before you fill the beds.
I filled my raised beds with a mix of about 1/3 manure and compost and 2/3 soil. Things grew nicely in them last year.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

would the gopher protection need to protrude a little beyond the garden edges?

can you access spent mushroom compost? that is our preference.


Here is a link that might be useful: lens straw bale garden

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

I usually try to break up the soil underneath a new raised bed as much as I can. I then put down a nice thick layer of composted manure (horse/goat/chicken, whatever's available).
I have access to great compost/soil mixes from our landfill. Ours are certified organic. Not all are, or you can find a soil/landscaping type place that carries different soil mixes. Usually the "vege mix" has a good amount of compost that isn't too hot.ASK, though!
I top the beds with my own compost usually early spring so it has a chance to settle in before planting.
Every couple of years I get a truckload of the stuff from the dump to re-fill my beds. They do tend to sink and get a little hard IMHO. I usually churn it up with my weed weezle (or whatever it's called)in between plantings to fluff it up. HTH Nancy

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