Garlic and Potatoes

je_suis_jo(7a)May 3, 2012

So last summer I planted potatoes in a raised bed. They didn't do great, but it was also my first time ever gardening. This past October I planted my garlic and some shallots in this bed. I was lazy and didn't try to prep the bed, I just stuck them in and was done with it.

I discovered yesterday that apparently I didn't get all the potatoes out and there were some sprouts growing amongst the garlic. Is this ok? Can I leave them be and see what happens? And would this indicate that you could overwinter potatoes in Maryland? I didn't know they were there so I didn't try to mulch them, but I know this was abnormally warm.

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My potatoes didn't do too great in the raised beds last season, because we dealt with a long drought. I must have left one behind as well, because one survived winter here as well. I'm leaving it alone just to see what happens. I attribute its survival to a much warmer and dry winter. If we had typical weather I believe they would have rotted from the moisture.

If you leave the potatoes, they will compete with the garlic for nutrients and block out light for the garlic. Plus, if the potatoes are ready before the garlic, you'll have to pull the garlic early to harvest the potatoes. If you have enough of each planted, you could also do nothing and just see what happens.

Here is a link that might be useful: My gardens

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