Help me with my entry landscaping :) Please!

dmhuweSeptember 30, 2012

Hi all,

I've been reading the forum all morning and decided I would ask for some help on adding some plants to the flower bed by my front porch, along the sidewalk and just your overall suggestions on how to make my landscaping look better. I just recently (yesterday), cut down a large japanese maple that was in the center island you see empty now. It had gotten so big and was blocking the overall view of my porch/door. When we planted it over 9 years ago we thought it was a dwarf, we were suprised that it got so big. Anyway, with a new blank slate, does anyone have any ideas? I'd like it to be inviting and am really open to any ideas. Thanks everyone!

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Here is another view...

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I would get rid of the big bushes sweeping into the entry area. They make it seem confined instead of welcoming. As those shrubs run along the foundation, they should be trimmed level instead of sloped in order to provide a look of stability and support for the house. Getting them to do that might require changing the ones nearest to the walk to other species as well as adjusting the trimming. Instead of the mulch edging, you might consider widening it a bit and using a groundcover of some sort that could tie elements in the yard together. The general condition of the grass needs to be greatly improved as it impacts the entire scene. Some annuals/perennials/seasonal color at each of the entrance that are not too tall would seem welcoming.

The usable space at the driveway seems pinched. A person getting out of the white car must cling to it in order to avoid stepping into the dirt. Likewise, the walkway looks a little skimpy relative to the house and the entrance opening. Filling in the planter space with concrete would solve these problems. If the entire walk was done of brick it would look nicer. A much cheaper retrofit would be brick colored paint (similar or matching your existing stoop.

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I see that you added a second picture. The tree-limbing up process should be ongoing and it looks as if you are behind schedule regarding the large front yard tree. The early years determine to a large extent what kind of trunk system you will have in later years.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

I agree with Yardvaark about those evergreens. Do you have problems with deer in your neighborhood eating your plants? I could picture hostas, daylilies and colorful annuals that can be changed from year to year. What about some nice container plants for the front entrance way?Does the front of the house get a lot of shade with those trees there? I get the morning sun in the back of our house and it moves around to the front by mid afternoon.. Stick with something that returns and reseeds itself so you'll have less plants to buy the next season.

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