Easiest plants for self-watering containers

kurchian(6A Massachusett)December 18, 2010

Every year I get the spring gardening bug and I plant several containers for my east facing deck. For a month or so they look great because I am trimming and watering them regularly. Slowly, but surely, the weather gets hotter and my motivation lessens.

I am looking for suggestions for the easiest-care annuals (or perennials) to plant. By easy I mean least water and least fertilizer plants that provide the biggest flower display for the longest period of time.

I know that I have to provide SOME care, but I have been shying away from container garden because of the additional care that they require, and I would hate to eliminate them from my gardening plans.

So tell me fellow gardeners, what plants will provide the most color with the longest season with the least amount of care?

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Mass container gardeners who don't want to water or use required fertilization and still have long lasting growth in containers preferred these 115to1 Or maybe some hens and chicks would fill your request as you do have a very limited selection with such high expectations from plants
for those who do want to water and fertilize plants as needed (if and or as required) in containers have a more unlimited selection list so when your ready to get serious and take it seriously be sure to let us know..

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During your spring fever rush, go out and buy a self watering container (with a large several gallon reservoir) or purchase one online from gardeners supply or earthbox. If your feeling extra ambitious for a week, set up a the automatic self watering system offered by earthbox (highly recommended for intermittent gardeners).

Then follow raybo's advice, buy some good potting soil and add extra perlite to it, roughly 50:50 ratio.

Then buy some CRF, control release fertilizers and mix in the soil.

Then plant some small or medium sized dahlia's.

Do all this before your spring bug crawls away and you'll have nice flowers all summer.

Once you get good plants all season though, you might find your bug returning.


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pabrocb(Sarasota/Cape Cod)

I'm a new Snowbird. I'm in Florida for six months of the year. I've just started a couple of Earth Boxes in October and have been pleased with them. I was hoping to build a 4 by 8 raised bed for vegetables in the back yard.
Because of nematodes people fashion all sorts of containers for vegetables. Many people can't use their beds, even with lots of compost and organic matter. They end up burying doubled plastic buckets within their raised bed, or placing containers on top of them.
It may be easier to just get some additional Earth Boxes. At least I could wheel mine into the garage during the recent cold spell!
I have an organic vegetable garden on Cape Cod. I was hesitant about using all the fertilizer provided by Earth Box, but the results were great. And hey, I'm old!
Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.
Carol B.

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Plant petunias and water them good once a week.
There you go, they flower all summer and wear like steel.
Gotta have petunias!

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