JerryVenturaDecember 20, 2011

Has anyone tried Hydrolite, especially as part of a gritty mix? It sounds really similar to pumice, I'm going to go look for some today, maybe try an experimental batch in a container.


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Don't know what that is, care to elaborate?

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I'm quoting "Hydrolite is a natural, silica-based, volcanic mineral with a unique, porous, crystalline structure which allows it to hold nutrients until plants need them." I'm thinking it's similar to pumice.

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I used this stuff before(by Botanicare, right?)in the gritty mix and, although it's absorbant, it seems to dry out ALOT faster compared to turface. This, I believe, is because of two reasons. First, even the smaller size is still pretty big compared to turface and it is baked at a much lower temperature so is much less absorbant than Turface. The price is the biggest reason I don't use it tho. 25-35 bucks for a cubic foot of it compared to 14 bucks for a big bag of turface. Also, keep in mind, if something is made of silicate and they made it to release enough to make a difference to the plant, then it will start to degrade over time. In my experience, the turface is easier to come by too because it is ALWAYS in stock whereas the hydroponics stores always have to order it... then it's on back order from the company etc. it just became a pain. I have also heard good things about Diatomite which also releases silicate? But I have never found a place to get it in Arizona without buying a whole pallet and paying shipping...

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