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jen_frazier(z7 TX)January 12, 2013

I have these seeds to trade:
kentucky wonder pole bean
zipper cream peas
cowhorn okra
pink eye purple hull
early bantum corn
brown crowder pea
yard long bean
black beauty eggplant
indian corn
datura straomnium
triple purple datura
black hollyhock
pink moon vine

looking for radish, lettuce, drought heat hardy flowers, blue dent corn, strawberry corn, bloody butcher corn, and snapdragon vine and make offers!
THANKS, Jennifer

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I would be interested in Cowhorn Okra, Zipper Cream Peas & Yard Long beans. I can trade Green Curled Endive, Paris White Cos Lettuce, French Breakfast Radish (all of which are coming in next week- OP, Heirloom, non-GMO commercial seeds from Baker Creek & Comstock Ferre).

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beverlysc(8a SC)

Check my list and see if there's anything you are interested in. Thanks & happy gardening.

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I am interested in:
Cowhorn okra
Kentucky wonder pole bean
Black Beauty Eggplant

Here is what I have to trade, please let me know if anything interests you:

(seed amounts are approximate)
* 2009 collected Dianthus flower (assorted white and pink) Yard grown. 20-40 seeds
* 2011 collected Birdhouse Gourd. Yard grown.15-20 seeds
* 2011 collected Stagecoach Pumpkin Giant. Local Farm 10 seeds
* 2007 collected Jack-be-Little Pumpkin. Acquired from trade. 20 seeds
* 2008 collected Spider Plant. Acquired from a friend, grown in her house.20-30 seeds
* 2002 collected Lunaria Money Plant. From a trade in Maplewood New Jersey.10 seeds
* 2003 Silk Tree (Mimosa). Yard grown. 20 seeds
* 2012 Anise. Yard grown. >20 seeds
* 2011 Onion. Yard grown >50 seeds
* 2007 Podding Radish. Acquired in trade 5-10 seeds
* 2011 Acorn Squash. Yard grown. 20 seeds
* 2012 'Galeux d'eysines Pumpkin. Local Field collected heirloom. 15 seeds
* 2012 Sugar Pie Pumpkin. Local Field collected. 15 seeds
* 2012 Cosmos Flower. Yard Grown >50 seeds
* 2012 Olive seed. (Black).Yard grown 10 seeds
* 2012 Fuji Apple. Orchard collected 5 seeds
* 2010 Yellow Flesh Watermelon. Yard collected. Open pollinated. 15-20 seeds
* 2011 Cantaloupe. Yard grown. Open pollinated. 15-20 seeds
* 2008 Pride of China. Acquired from trade. 10 seeds
* 2009 Yellow Prolific Straight neck Squash. Not treated or GM. 10 seeds
* 2007 Blue Jacaranda. Acquired from trade. 20 seeds
* 2008-2012 Assorted Hollyhock; light-dark pink. Yard Grown 50 seeds
* 2012 Turban Squash. Heirloom. Field collected. 10 seeds
* 2012 Coreopsis "Tickseed" # 1/4 tsp. MO native. Acquired from trade
* 2012 Jatropa. 10 seeds Acquired from trade.
* 2012 Pride of Barbados. 10 seeds acquired from trade
* 2012 Texas Star Hibiscus. 10 seeds acquired from trade
* Lemon Ice sunflower. Yard grown 50 seeds.

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email sent

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I would be interested in your daturas. I have radish and lettuce seeds or you can check out my list

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