Resin / Plastic Borders (Edging) Anyone?

eldemilaSeptember 19, 2011

Wondering if anyone's used the plastic/resin borders in their garden, and/or around their trees. Bought a home recently and don't have the funds to do a concrete border at this time with all the other stuff needed to do in the house.

Has anyone used something similar to these Suncast brand borders, and if possible, would love to see some pictures of what you've done with them. In harder soil, if anyone used them in this type of soil, best and easiest way to put them in.

Thanks for any help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Suncast

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I don't have these but I do have some plastic edging of another brand. The pieces just hook together and you hammer them into place. I use mine along a concrete path to add some decoration to a flower bed. I plan on using it around a rose bush in the future.

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These appear to be more for decoration rather than utility at separating plants from encroaching on one another.

A cheaper and more effective method would be a cut-edge. Nice dramatic shadow.. and exposed soil to stop pesky invasive roots.

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Thanks for the replies. NaturalChick, you wouldn't have any pictures of how you used them, would you? Isabella, never heard of cut-edge, will look it up.

I purchased these already from someone on CL, about 200 pieces of them. Thought they'd have a bit of a "bend" but they seem a bit more rigid. I'm hoping I can put them around two maples trees I've planted daylillies around to help keep the weeds out. Then I thought about putting them as a border up near my walkway since I can't come up with ANYTHING else to do in this area, but now I don't think they'll look right. I'm sure I'll be able to find uses for them, but was hoping to find some visual ideas on the web and there's not been a single one.

Anyone else?

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karinl(BC Z8)

I'd be more concerned about keeping the daylilies inside them than the weeds out. Most weeds you can pull, but daylilies spread by root nodules, and that edging won't stop them below ground. Neither, frankly, will a cut (trenched) edge. A concrete edge won't either, and the concrete has the additional disadvantage of being impossible or very expensive to change.

Can you tell I kind of hate daylilies? I see them behaving for other people, but they never do for me. I now grow them only in pots.

This product really is not edging, but rather little tiny fencing. I would regard it as a temporary installation wherever you put it, since it will be vulnerable to frost heave, being pushed around by big plants, stepped on, and otherwise disrupted.

There is no real protection from the fact that weeds grow wherever there is bare ground. If your daylilies grow in nice and thick, they will stop weeds better than anything you can devise.

Maybe you could tell us more about your walkway area; perhaps we can offer some insight.


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Here is the edging I used

Here is a link that might be useful:

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