Front Yard Advice Needed

janie1979September 30, 2012

Hello All, I need front yard suggestions. I have a bed across the front (faces North) with burning bush, hostas, coral bells, azaleas, some other assorted grasses, there are a couple of boxwoods in there in in the back. I'm liking all that ok, (but if you have suggestions about it please chime in) what I need help with is the placement and type of a couple of trees in the yard. The only tree in the front yard is a dead redbud (it will be cut down soon) The yard is a hillside. I'm thinking fairly small trees (no bigger than redbud size) as there are power lines, something ornamental maybe? I'll try to post some other pictures as well.

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Here is a street shot that shows the dead redbud. The grass is pretty awful right now, we were in a terrible drought all summer so the grass is patchy and weedy, I'll be working on that this fall.

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Oops, I'll try again with the 2nd picture.

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Here is another shot showing the front bed.

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I'm no expert but the redbud doesn't seem to be in a horrible position. I would move the new tree back towards the house and slightly right. You may want to think about having more than one tree in your front yard.

On a different note, I think your beds are too small and you need to think bigger. Maybe a bed from your driveway incorporating the light post and then heading along the house a foot or two out from the current spot. The new border could incorporate some gentle curves.

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Thank you tanowicki. I have been thinking the same things about enlarging the bed. It may have to wait til spring, but I think I'm gonna do it. I do have a new tree picked out, it's a Forrest Pansy Redbud. I will plant it closer to the house and to the right as you suggested, I had a tree in that spot a few years ago and it was the perfect spot to see it out the front window. My tree should be planted tomorrow, I can't wait. It's a special tree, I recently lost my husband to cancer and a friend purchased the tree for me in his memory.

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