Need a plan

cowgirl_kitkatt(ok 7A)September 2, 2012

Ive actually posted on the oklahoma page but would love some opinions from landscape minded people too. I know i cant/wont do everything at once but id like to have a total plan before i start so i dont end up having to undo things ive done.

Also i am i computer person what sites would you recommend using to plan out my space?

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In order to make THIS thread viable, you'd need to layout your issues and with pictures here. Switching back and forth to another thread is too cumbersome. It would be good if you list code for all the pictures in a single message. Explain what the pictures show. (For example, I'm not clear why there appears to be 2 houses--one yellow and one blue--on your piece of property. It's not clear where the divide is. I didn't see any straight-on picture of the front of your house which would be the basic one you should show...taken from far back enough that the whole front yard can be seen. It's good to show an additional view, but the straight-one one should be included. Also, if you add a link, use the "Optional Link URL" (available below every message creation window) so that the links are clickable.

Over in your other thread you mention removing a tree because of water and gas lines. But is there a conflict between the tree and lines that has manifested?

Are there functions that occur on your property that you must take into account in a landscape design? (Driveway, patio, etc.) Or are you limiting your quest here to planting design?

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