5 gallon bucket as a dry well

maciek82September 14, 2013

I'm thinking about making a dry well away from my house for my sump pump discharge. Oddly enough, my sump pump goes on more often then I would have expected it to (new home for us). No matter where I place the discharge hose in the back yard, that area gets pretty wet and hard for my kids and pets to play in the back yard.

I was thinking about putting in a dry well at the end of the yard. I see most of the real dry wells on the market might be an overkill for what I need. 50gal well I think is too much for a sump pump discharge. I'm thinking about digging a 3x3 hole. Adding gravel to the bottom, placing a 5gal home depot bucket in the middle and adding more gravel around the bucket. Finally I would connect a 4" pvc pipe to it. The top would get covered with soil and grass.

Anyone has any feedback if this will work?


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Can we presume that the pump is draining the foundation?

It would be a mistake to trap the water in a limited "container" (5 gal. bucket plus surrounding rock-filled space) without an overflow. Also, while the hole you dig seems like it would hold a lot of water, you are filling most of the space with rock so not that much is left for water. Since the pump already comes on more than you imagined it would, chances are good that when extended heavy rains come -- even if infrequently -- there will be much more water being pumped out than you can now imagine. I predict that a much better, easier to construct, fail-safe solution could be achieved if someone had knowledge of the lay of the land and all the conditions that affect this situation (the entire path, and beyond, that water would take to leave your property.) It will be much less trouble to keep the water above ground, if possible.

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