I need help with hedge ideas.

nikkitaSeptember 4, 2009

I'm in desperate need a new hedges. My house has a long side porch with a driveway next to it. On the other side of the driveway is about 4 feet of lawn before it turns into my neighbors driveway/walkway. Only about half of that lawn is actually on my property. The previous owners had planted boxwoods, I'm not sure the exact type, but they only grow to a height of roughly 4 feet. They seem to be doing well mostly. A few have been replaced though. Here's the problem. I live next to the most annoying person in existence, who is always outside on the other side of the hedges, making the porch pretty much useless as the hedges now won't get much higher. My town has a no fence law for front lots, and very short for side lots, so what I need is a very tall hedge, somehow that's legal. As I said I roughly have about 2 feet to work with for rooting, I can let the width of the plant get around 3 - 3 1/2 feet.

It's a section about 25 feet long, half of that gets full/mostly full sun about 8 hours in the summer. The back half though gets maybe half that, with indirect for another few hours. However it's the back half with less sun that I really need to get high, as that's where he always stands. Is it hopeless? I've recently learned the previous owners actually bought another house just to get away. I'm outside of Detroit, which varies from zone 5 to 6 depending on where you look.

I'm in desperate need of help! Thank you. If I can find my charger I'll take a picture of what I'm working with.

In desperate need of help! Thank you.

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What sort of "annoying" are you dealing with? Do you need visual screening only in the summer, or year-around? Are you looking for something really dense, to totally block sightlines, or would a lighter screen work too? A photo would be helpful too, so we can get a better sense of the space you have.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Is it an option just to box in, or screen in, the porch itself?


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The denser the better really. The idea is to block out all signs of the neighbors. Blocking sight year round would be preferable.

Annoying in the way of constantly getting drunk on the other side of the bushes. Screaming hellos, taking every chance they have to brag about how pretentious their lawn looks, or how much money the spend on it. Just basic jerks really.

As for boxing in the porch, not really. I've already made morning glory screen along the porch, but if they can see your feet, or shadows moving, you're doomed.

Hopefully these pictures will work, this was as many as I could stand to take, as the neighbor came over to watch me take pictures.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Maybe you just need to go to the board of variance or whatever - even straight to city council - and ask for an exemption to the fence bylaw on the basis that you have obnoxious neighbours. Tape record them or videotape and submit that. If the PO had to sell the house to get peace, then the fence bylaws are not serving the people. Or get a restraining order :-) Have you asked the neighbours to just not talk to you? People who push/ignore social boundaries often get away with tormenting us because our respect of the same boundaries that they ignore prevents us from dealing effectively with them. You don't have to be rude, just clear that when you are outside, you like to be left alone.

But back to landscaping. If you go to taller conifers (thujas, junipers) you may need something at ground level too to get complete blockage. And unless you buy big, you'll have a couple of exposed years before they grow in.


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Ya, I've tried the not talking thing. A few weeks ago I was screaming in his face, an few hours later he was talking to me like nothing happened.

I should try getting an exemption though. I can build a fence where the hedges are as far as the front of the house extends at 5 feet. 6 feet is aloud if you have four feet of yard on both sides of the fence. It actually wouldn't be much then I'm trying to get around.

For the conifers, I had thought of those before, but I don't know anyone that has any, so I was unsure if I'd actually be able to keep them within 3 3 1/2 feet of width.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I'd go for the exemption! Build the fence and plant a vine, so your side is pretty.

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

Put some hollies there. They not only will get large enough to screen out 'mr. obnoxious' but will also stick him if he tries to come too close! Plus, they will look festive in the winter time. :) Good luck!

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Haha, I forgot about the stabby glory of hollies. What a lovely bonus. I use to hate those as a kid taking short cuts. Yes, I think that's ranks top right now.

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I also need help with a hedge but not for a neighbor. Instead I want to stop all the fall trash that the wind whips down the street and ends infront of a row of arborvite on the other end of my property. I'd like something that wouldn't be more than a couple feet high and wouldn't need trimming. I'd love it to be informal and now to no maintenance. HELP!

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Let us hope that nikkita was successful in installing an "iron curtain" of some sort between herself and her neighbor.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Organikgirl, you'd best start a new thread with your question, and provide a lot more detail than you have done here.

Karin L

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