Installing new roof, suggestions on color?

dazraf80September 12, 2011


I am installing a new roof and would appreciate any suggestions on colors for the shingles (or suggestions on how to select a color). Thanks! (I consider the roof as part of the Landscape in a sense, hope that is okay)

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It might be better to take your question over to the redecorating or remodeling forums on the home site here.
You should probably be a little more specific about some qualifiers first though...

What is your budget?
What other exterior changes are you contemplating?
Is this your forever home or do you expect to move in a few years?
What part of the country do you live?
Do you have special considerations ( eg. heat, tornado, snowload, wildfire, community covenants)?
What is your personal taste ( eg. conservative, modern, traditionalist, conformist/individualistic, colour preferences )?

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Is the house facade stucco? And have you thought about beefing up the front entry? Just curious.

Simply dealing with the OP's inquiry about color for roof shingles and putting aside all kinds of things that get in the way on the road to making a choice...

1. Roof shingles do have a life span; perhaps dazraf's home actually needs a new roof - or at least a shingle-over.

2. Staying or eventually selling (from the previous post re; regrading the back yard this is a previously owned but relatively "new" home to the OP) a house needs a roof in good repair for a raft of obvious reasons.

3. Asphalt composition roof shingles are probably the least expensive and most commonly used.

This is one question I, too, would take over to the Home Side of GardenWeb - there are some people on the Home Decorating forum who are quite good with color combinations and photoshopping. Have seen lots of threads dealing with roof colors. Be specific in your request as mentioned above though, lest you get the house and door colors changed along with the addition of shutters and window boxes.

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Thank you, I will do just that! :)

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