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RoseAbbeySeptember 12, 2010

We would like to add two stone pillars from leftover stone we have from the pillars on the porch to the driveway. Where should we put these pillars? My initial thought is where the driveway widens. One picture shows overall front of the house, other picture shows better the driveway area.

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Hi Rose,

You have a very beautiful well architectured house. My understanding of what you wish to do is make a portico to/from the driveway or a pergola structure adjacent to the driveway that you pass through to the front door. Is this what you desire? Looking at the size of the house and scale of the entry, they don't match. If you want uniqueness from the rest of your neighborhood, install a circular driveway with portico and an entrance walkway that begins at the street for visitors and is well lit at night. The impact would be very high end for very little investment. An architect's input would be encouraged to pull this off. This should get the discussion going. JMHO Aloha

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lehua13, thanks but no what we would like is just two simple pillars one on either side of the driveway. No gate, no fence, just two stone pillars about 5feet high.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Which will be there until either a car or a snowplow runs into them.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I would not put pillars beside the middle of the driveway. You already have many beds and single trees in the lawn. Adding pillars beside the driveway would just be two more items to make the yard "busy."

The best choice I can see would be to build short pillars or short walls in the center of the beds you already have where the driveway joins the street. If you have enough stone, quarter circles which begin parallel with the street and end parallel with the driveway. Height would be in the neighborhood of 2-3', possibly higher on the driveway side. This feature would be an echo of the house, but without adding more "busyness" to the yard.

Another possibility would be to build pillars the same width and height as the porch columns to support a birdbath saucer, gazing ball, or some small piece of garden art. But placing these would be difficult. They might do well in the beds to either side of the front porch -- but the photos don't show the size of those beds, and adding pillars might overwhelm the plantings.

Another possibility might be to replace the light at the intersection of the driveway and walkway with a light which sits atop a column; again I'd make the stone no higher than 3' (not sure how it would look if it were higher than the porch columns). You could do something similar with the post which bears the house number and its light, though there the stone could be higher. Or rather than make pillars for both lights, only the one with the house number, and make it more substantial than the porch columns.

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Sound to me like you want to make pillars because you have extra stone.

I'd scrap the pillar idea altogether. There isn't an appropriate place for them. If you have extra stone, then edge a bed int he back with it!

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Some ideas if you're just trying to use up the stone:

What are you allowed to do to the post with the house number and street light? If you can, you could put up a short pillar and paint the post so it more mimics the porch columns.

Also, you could replace the lights in the flower bed at the corner of the sidewalk and driveway with something using the stone. I didn't see any lights by your front door but you could make something to match those.

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Everyone seems to think you do not need the pillars, but it is your house so do what you wish.

I think you could just dress up the light post you already have, go approx 1/3 up with the stone,add a topper, then paint the rest white to match your house pillars, it is taller but far enough away that the difference wouldn't matter and would tie in with the house.

You could use some of the stone to do a one row arch above your front door. Just seems too plain for the rest of the house and would tie in with the garages.

Please don't be offended.


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Thanks everyone. We will give some more thought on how to use up the surplus stone.

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