Windbreak & Landscape / Permaculture specialist needed

plot_thickens(8a)September 14, 2010

Howdy. Two things:

1) Just purchased a large lot in the Hayward Hills of the Bay Area. Would like to have paid visits by specialists to help me create a Master Plan. Please email me if interested.

2) We're about 400 feet up. The wind whips and moans around our house all afternoon because there's a perfect narrow wind tunnel from the Golden Gate directly to our bedroom's corner. It's exacerbated by the neighbor's yard being 4 feet lower than us, creating a suction-vortex that increases air speed.

We need a hedge.

The breeze is lovely when it's hot, so we don't want a solid-growing hedge like English Laurel (and that's way too much pruning). Would Silverberry (for the Nitrogen) fronted by a pretty Rose of Sharon work, do you think?

If you have a better idea, please do suggest! Thanks muchly.

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It is doubtful that any of us can assist with your wind problem. You need advice from an on-site person who, among other things, will study foliage height around you for some idea of how the wind pattern is affecting plant growth generally in the area. And, there are numerous other considerations to be studied. My years of experience working with strong winds cautions you to understand that sometimes a hedge is not the answer. Your area is blessed with many pros capable of working with you. Do a search for Alameda county + landscape architects. Get on the phone, make some calls describing your situation and arrange consultations with those that seem to understand your needs and can also help you develop a landscape plan.

The following idea will probably be of no interest to you or not fit zoning codes. I just did a search for small wind turbines and discovered that there are 500 companies now producing them. As I scrolled through their sites I noted unobtrusive upright types which would not have to be elevated up high based on your description of how the wind comes up the hill. Worth a thought.

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